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Hearing - theo - 10-21-2013

Can anyone read the results of a hearing test I had done? Also an ex-employee had a WC Hearing settlement that he had to take to court or whatever they have to do, he won, who is liable to pay the money he was awarded? This is in PA.

RE: Hearing - 1171 - 10-21-2013

your medical records aren't available to just anybody.

it depends on if the employer was self-insured or not.
if they have a policy the carrier pays the benefits;
if they are self-insured the employers pays the costs.

RE: Hearing - theo - 10-21-2013

Thank You 1171, How could I find out if the company is self insured or not?

RE: Hearing - 1171 - 10-21-2013

i suggest contacting the division of self-insurance