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Help hurt at work - rapplizard66 - 10-15-2013

I was hurt at work(grouphome). I have been out of work since 6/23/13/ and I have been going to pt 2times a week. I have been put on light duty but there is no work for me. I meet with a vocational counselor 10/16/13. Why does he need my resume and what should I except?

RE: Help hurt at work - 1171 - 10-15-2013

a resume is often used to help find a job.
your experience, education, skills, and abilities will be used to find the quickest job placement.
replacing your lost income as soon as possible will be the primary goal.

RE: Help hurt at work - dusty boy - 10-15-2013

Work rehab basically forces you to actively apply for 10 jobs a week, until you get a new job.
The reason for your resume is to find out what you are qualified to do