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Well it finaly happened - AQA - 09-29-2013

The wife moved out on Thursday. I will wait until around Wednesday or Thursday to call her and find out her intentions. My hunch is divorce.

Its really not a surprise. The relationship has been going down hill since I became disabled.

O well, life goes on

RE: Well it finaly happened - 1171 - 09-29-2013

serious health issues cause so much damage and not just with the body....
make sure you keep as active as possible both physically and socially.
be on guard for signs of depression - it's as much a symptom of injury as pain......

RE: Well it finaly happened - bronco54501 - 09-29-2013


I'm so sorry to hear this, I hope it all works out for you's.. My wife and I have been up and down the last 2 years and some times it comes close for her to leave.

RE: Well it finaly happened - Bummer Knees - 09-29-2013

I am so sorry AQA. Injuries are tough on the entire family, my husband and children have all been impacted by my injuries.

I pray things work out for you and your wife.

RE: Well it finaly happened - bronco54501 - 09-29-2013

It does really affect every one that is involved. Besides the fact I couldn't provide like I used to, it has affected my son with anxiety/panic attacks from the accident .

I just hope the best outcome for both of you's maybe just some space to confirm the love between you's.

RE: Well it finaly happened - jayne - 09-29-2013

AQA my heart goes out to you,I know how hard you have worked to get back on your feet. Its hard for some women to see the Man that they depend on to be the strong one in the marriage to go down. I dont believe in counseling you either love each other enough to work it out yourself or you dont getting a third party involved in he said she said he done she done to me seems stupid to me.I guess it works for some tho.
Bill and I have been married for almost 43 years there has been a few times we have fussed but to tell you the truth I would rather fuss with him than anyone else in the world. When we get pie eyed pissed it is normally my fault cuz I am short tempered.
You my brother will be in my thoughts and prayers invite her out to pie and coffee and just talk you may be surprized at what you you ,Jayne

RE: Well it finaly happened - Manley2 - 09-29-2013

Will say a prayer for you. Being injured can put a strain on everything in our lives. Sadly that is one of the things they bank on to make us suffer even more in the WC world. My wife was injured a few years before I was and it was right before we got married. With her injury and then mine it was hard to deal with at times but both of us understand the pain.
It's hard for anybody to know what will help you. You might be able to work things out and it might be better not to but I wish you well and will pray for you.

RE: Well it finaly happened - bodybuilder1958 - 09-29-2013

Sorry for what seems to be the end of your marriage. A work comp injury does affect relationships and it's so very, very hard. The emotional turmoil, the pain, loss of income. When I lost my medical job 5 years ago over $55,000. of my salary disappeared. I am employed again but not making close to that.

Prayers my friend, it's never easy. My husband is my rock but I think if he ever got seriously injured he'd become unable to deal with. He hurt his back last year and it was 3 months of misery, he couldn't adjust, find another way out.

Sad to see how injuries affect marriages.

RE: Well it finaly happened - AQA - 09-29-2013

Thank You all for the support. I would have responded sooner, but I needed to compose myself.

I called my sister today. She lives out of state. Anyway she told me my wife asked her "if I was cheating on her". Like my sister would know. Mercy. Anyway, I know my wife was going through my computers while I was at school as well as all my papers and wallet while I was asleep. I didn't worry about it because there was nothing to find. I figured what ever she was up to would just pass. I now know I was stupid to think that. Heck, she knew my school schedule and if I am not in class I am on my way home. There really is no reason for me stay on campus with a bunch of early 20 year olds. Anyway, if not on campus I am home.

1171, I agree with what you said, but its going to be tough.

Thank You all for the support

RE: Well it finaly happened - chrischris - 10-03-2013

So sorry AQA. I hope the two of you can work it out.