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My shoulders - chico1960 - 08-27-2013

Hi from CT. Last time I was here I had an FCE scheduled and did fairly well and was able to return to full duty at work. After 3 months of working I unfortunately suffered another fall and was injured. Had MRI done and only small changes and Dr said no new surgery is required. However he put me on permanent light duty with no overhead and no lifting over 20 lbs. The job doesn't want me back now. What's next for me?

RE: My shoulders - 1171 - 08-27-2013

if they cannot offer reasonable accommodation under ADA guidelines then you will be entitled to vocational rehabilitation services.
the benefits are outlined in their guide- available on line

If you cannot return to your usual work because of a significant permanent impairment, you may be entitled to vocational
rehabilitation. If eligible, your rehabilitation program will be paid for by the Workers’ Compensation Commission’s Rehabilitation
Services. For more information, call (860) 493-1500.

whether you return to work or not permanent impairment benefits are also available and explained in the guide.

RE: My shoulders - chico1960 - 08-27-2013

Ty 1171