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Lawyers wont help me! Why?Texas - millerrocks - 08-06-2013

Hello guys, I am in need of some advice! (Texas)

My mother's back was injured after a fall at work over three years ago. Her doctor has recommended surgery but it has been denied and her case has been in limbo. All the lawyers we have spoken to wont pick up her case, I am guessing because it has been over three years.
Her health is deteriorating, she is loosing strength and feeling in her left leg due to her spinal injuries and needs surgery.
WC has appointed a lawyer to help her push her case, but WC has blocked the paperwork from reaching a judge's desk. No explanation for this.
We do not know where to turn from here as no lawyer will pick up our case to expedite the necessities.
Any advice is appreciated. Thank you.

RE: Lawyers wont help me! Why?Texas - 1171 - 08-06-2013

your mother should contact her local state legislator's office.