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Oh hell ya their sharp - jayne - 06-20-2013

As most of you know I love to cook and can a lot of our veggies,pickles,jams,jellies,fruits ect one of the things in my kitchen to help me since my arms don't work so well any more is a Ninja blender kitchen set what they show on TV it just a portion of what it can can also cut a inch long cut 1/4 in deep in your hand if you don't be careful handleing the blades.Bloody hell it hurt,right below my little finger. Everything works okay so I cleaned it really good covered it in comfree salve and put a bandaid on it.
Bummer having a son like mine will know this next part....Daniel was in the kitchen with me and freaked when he saw the blood....Are you OK are you Ok over and over and then ran to call his Daddy come get Nana she needs stitches shes cut her hand off!!!!!I spoke to him and told him if I can stop the bleeding I will put a couple of butterflys on it I am not going 60 miles for stitches if I can get it to stop bleeding.With pressure it stopped and I had just finished my new batch of comfree salve this week.This morning it still hurts but no infection and already starting to heal. But I have a new respect for my Ninja

RE: Oh hell ya their sharp - 1171 - 06-20-2013

you should of stitched it up yourself.......
just sterilize the needle and keep them small.
if I was there I would have done it for you.

RE: Oh hell ya their sharp - Manley2 - 06-20-2013

If that was to your hand it would be hard to stitch up by yourself. I couldn't do my own hand but sure could do it to somebody else if need be

RE: Oh hell ya their sharp - jayne - 06-20-2013

thanks 1171, if it would have been anywhere else I could have but not on my right hand. I have the curved needles to do it if needed in a first aid kit. My comfrey salve is better than anything you can buy unless you are near an Amish or Mennonite store, But then I do believe 1171 doesn't have a whole lot of faith in us do you sweet man?

RE: Oh hell ya their sharp - dusty boy - 06-20-2013

LOL, I can see it now. 1171 sewing Jayne's fingers together so she can't type.

Thanks for the smile, but sorry you hurt yourself.

RE: Oh hell ya their sharp - Bummer Knees - 06-20-2013

Jayne every time I get near a knife or something sharp I cut myself, likely the issues with the problems with fine motor.

Next time you cut yourself put tea tree oil on the cut, it will stop the bleeding. The tea tree oil causes clotting of the blood.

Yep, Cody also freaks when it comes to even a tiny amount of blood.

RE: Oh hell ya their sharp - Cervical_Fusion - 06-20-2013

Jaynee are untying to be an amputee, WC will fight u on it,

RE: Oh hell ya their sharp - jayne - 06-20-2013

hell WC would fight the coming of Christ.....but on the bright side my comfrey salve smells really good and the cut is healing well with no infection showing....It is still really sore but I expected that...
Kathy do you ever go to the Mennonite stores in your area? The lady that sold fabric and such went out of business we were just to small a community for her to make a profit without charging a huge amount for fabric or all of us wearing the same dress.

RE: Oh hell ya their sharp - 1171 - 06-21-2013

the wife just finished harvesting a whole lot of comfrey from this years crop.

keep using that salve all year round; hopefully it'll make you better then you have ever been.
I'll keep watching and reading to see if it's working.

RE: Oh hell ya their sharp - jayne - 06-21-2013

1171 you really shouldn't mock those of us that can take care of ourselves without the government teat. Someone is going to have to take care of those of you that cant.
Now my little friend is there a reason you are trying to pick a fight with me or are you just pissed your little president took a 10 million dollar trip with the family to Africa and left you at home?.....Not to worry sweetie we will keep you company,,,