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Doctor's Release - Buster17A - 06-14-2013

I live in Oklahoma, I'm 48, I injured my lower back in a slip & fall at work ( working through a temp agency ) last march. Soon after the injury I couldn't return to work right away even though the temp service's doctor said there was nothing wrong with me and I was fired. I hired a lawyer and got to see another work comp doctor who put on temp disability during treatment for the ruptured disk. Treatment wasn't working and the doctor finally did a lower back ( L5-S1 ) fusion surgery and 5 months later I made him take out the hardware ( large improvement ) due to sever pain issues. The doctor finally released me and gave me 2 permanent work lifting over 35lbs and bending only occasionally. At this time there was no mention of a disability percentage and I was wondering if any body had an educated guess as to what it might be?
My attorney said that he would send me to one of his doctors for a better assessment to take before the work comp judge and that after seeing his doctor it would be at least 3 months before he could get my case in front of the judge for a settlement. My temporary disability payments have stopped, and finding a job that wont cause me large amounts of pain will be very difficult and I was wondering if any one had any idea's about where I could get any kind of financial relief until my settlement goes through for bill paying, food and daily living. Any advise on either subject would very appreciated.

RE: Doctor's Release - 1171 - 06-14-2013

you can contact unemployment to check if there is anything available in your account.
your state/county/city social services agencies have a number of local resources that can help. contact your union and your church for references as well.

use internet search sites to find local resources.
or look in the front of your telephone book.

although Oklahoma uses the 6th edition of the AMA guides for ratings here is a link to some 5th edition information