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Memorial Weekend - Bummer Knees - 05-27-2013

My 3 sisters and I went on a road trip yesterday, first to visit my Uncle Choke (My Dad's twin brother) who is in a nursing home then to decorate graves at Hunt Cemetery outside of Kingman Kansas.

Seldom do us four girls get together.

I will try and post a picture from the trip.

I am in the white shirt with flowers.

RE: Memorial Weekend - jayne - 05-27-2013

wtg Bummer I no longer have siblings alive was something I wished for in my preteens thru my thirtys while my sisters spent so much time either in jail or hi as a kite,now I wish she was back and that I tried harder to get her 2 older sisters are both gone also...funny my Daddy lived to be almost 98 and my Mother 86 yet my sibs all died young....