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work restrictions - gtpjonny1 - 05-26-2013

I live in MN, I work in a food warehouse I twisted my knee as I was getting a case of juice off a wood pellet which had big gaps in it as I grad the item when I turned my left foot got cough my leg bent in words, Felt little pop, on side of my knee thought to myself dam that was not right. I continued to work and finish my order told boss about it.

He said o what you want to do go home I said no want go to dr get checked out Then they want me to show them where it happen I showed them about where I think it happen they say no my foot smaller than yours you would twist your ankle 1st before your knee.

I have work restrictions

They said I pulled a some muscles in it. Dr Notes say walk 25ft or less take brakes and rest avoid re injury.

I go back to work have me on light duty, they make me sweep the floors walking all over warehouse, I would walk short distance rest then the boss would say o can’t be sitting around doing nothing, on top of that there about 50 forklifts running around so very hard to move walk rest be in way of fork drivers has me working in cooler where its 35 degrees was in there 3.5hrs I have ace bandage hold my knee from bending the cold in cooler made my leg sore I couldn't even walk anymore made my back sore from walking and limping, on top of the knee pain I have lower back pain. Did they go against my work restrictions?

I told the boss I said I can’t keep walking around like this made my knee very sore and now my low back hurt as well I can't do it need a kart or something to ride.

He responds well you can go home, I said you sure I don't want go against me saying go home then later down rd say I missed too many day so we have let you go.

I am employee keep sending me home I am not getting my full hrs

What are my rights? Can they keep sending me home just pay me for hrs I was there.

RE: work restrictions - 1171 - 05-26-2013

contact the insurance carrier to restart your disability payments.
you can get payments for the hours you missed.

the work restrictions are yours; not theirs.