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Jayne and the Oklahoma storms - Bummer Knees - 05-21-2013

Just checking on you due to yesterday's storms.

Last I saw you post yesterday you town was under a tornado warning.

RE: Jayne and the Oklahoma storms - jayne - 05-21-2013

it tried and a small one got Poteau about 13 miles away.Lots of wind and to tell the truth I havent been out side to see if there is any damage to the farm from the 60 mile an hr winds...My body hurts from all the weather changes...but Bill had to medicate me last nite I lost it when I was watching the news and they said the babies were most likely dead and they were not letting the parents go find their babies I just went crazy....I couldnt handle it.Prayer and extra zanaz

RE: Jayne and the Oklahoma storms - Bummer Knees - 05-21-2013

Sure glad I did not see that part of the news, can't say what my reaction would have been.

Cody graduated from 8th grade last night so my life has been a little busy with a post 8th grade graduate.

RE: Jayne and the Oklahoma storms - jayne - 05-21-2013

give Cody my congrats,I finally got out of the house and walked the property and other than a few limbs down and the trees minus a whole lot of leaves everything is good.Thank goodness we put the new liner in the pool and filled it last week or it would have been gone as it is it is full to the top.My chickens are okay...I am overcome with the loss of so many children in a place they are supposed to be safe.The last few years have been so hard on children in schools it seems they have so safe place to be anymore....

RE: Jayne and the Oklahoma storms - Cervical_Fusion - 05-22-2013

Jayne we are so glad you are ok, we have been out of town since Friday oblast week, we got home yesterday evening. We drove down to Georgia to the last family members high school graduation, it was a 15 hour drive. We drove straight through going down, a mistake I could not walk once we got there. Coming home we drove part way and got a motel. Will never do that again. But we hope all Oklahoma friends are safe and ok.