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Out of state injury broken wrist - HaroldWelds80 - 04-26-2013

I live in NJ ans was injured in PA. In the begining of March, of this year, I fell about 20 feet on a job, working for a temp agency. I don't remember the fall, and nobody on the job saw it. he results of it was a broken wrist that resulted in getting a plate installed. My workers comp claim went through very quickly, I have 1 more appointment with the Hand surgeon, and a couple weeks of physical therapy left.

I have heard about a Permencey Award, but having trouble finding information about it. How would it be based? I'm figuring that my claim is a PA claim, not NJ. Is this something that will just get sent to me, or do I have to talk to my claims adjuster after my last appointment? Would I have any trouble getting hired after if I accept it for a job anywhere? Any help would be thankful.

RE: Out of state injury broken wrist - 1171 - 04-26-2013

Pennsylvania is a wage loss state. any additional disability payments will be based on your post injury earnings.
more here

RE: Out of state injury broken wrist - jayne - 04-26-2013

suggest you PM Timothy Belt on here he is a PA WC lawyer and could give you the answers you seek.