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PTD checks late all the time. GA. - Cathy - 04-14-2013

Just wondered if I just do not say anything or what. I am on PTD, since I had a injury at work requiring wrist surgery. I will be on it for almost six more years then I will start getting my loss of use. That also puts me in a bind because I was hoping to retire in 5 years and I was told if I did I would not get my loss of use. I know longer make what I use to, so right now I am suppose to get a check of close to 100.00 each week. I never know when I will get my check. As of right now I just sent my fourth check in today. I am currently owed three checks. I never get them weekly the last time I got two at a time. Is it best just to be quite about it or what. I can wait on it but I just wonder if they are trying to get something over on me.

RE: PTD checks late all the time. GA. - 1171 - 04-14-2013

you should keep a log and copy of the date stamp and postage date on every late check.
you should send a complaint letter to the carrier with every late check with copy to the comp board.
at some point you should contact the work comp board and ask for penalties on each late payment.

RE: PTD checks late all the time. GA. - Milo - 04-14-2013

Sounds like you case is done and your assuming your lawyer is out of the picture, The IC is probly just slacking. But I don't think it is on purpose. Maybe they are training someone or their schedules are messed up. If your lawyer is out of the picture, give them a call w/ your log, as 1711 suggested and ask politely what they think the problem is and can it be fixed. If you are recieving your checks directly from the IC.

Other wise if your attorney is still in the picture as they are recieving 20 percent of your ppd, I would ask them to handle this. Especialy if you are recieving you checks through your lawyers office.

I just wanted to add some more insight , but definately use your logs, and keep in mind all suggestions.

This is from my personal experience only.