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Welcome All - Milo - 04-07-2013

I really hope you are only visiting this or any worker's comp site for a minor injury, or illness. Heck My friend was electrecuted and recieved a chump settlement, only, because he was a chump. Well I Just wanted to let you know I've been in this system after literally breaking my back at a simple housekeeping jop that pushed way to hard. Let me just tell you THE DOCTORS WILL CHEAT BECAUSE THEY ARE WAITING ON YOUR COMP, THEY WON'T PAY YOU , ALTHOUGH THEY SAY THEY ARE, THE WORK COMP REP IS ONLY GATHERING INFO TO GET AGAINST YOU, YOU WILL SUFFER THROUGH TEST AND YOU WILL BE HUMILLIATED BY DEPOSITIOINS.
Now ask me about your settlement for a knee or shoulder injury,