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Question from NY newbie - electrotyper - 03-18-2013

I was injured on Halloween 2012. I was shoveling waste product at work. While tossing the product into the bin, some of the wet stuff stuck to the shovel, and pulled the shovel away from my body. My arm was tugged away from my shoulder, and I immediately felt a burning sensation in my shoulder. I notified my supervisor as soon as I saw him that night.
After I had a MRI done, it was stated that I had a minor tear in my rotator cuff. I had surgery last week, and was told by the doctor that my supraspinatus was "frayed".
Can someone explain to me if this is considered a "tear" since the muscle strands have broken, and had to be clipped off? And will this cause loss of movement, entitling me to a settlement? What amount of loss of movement usally comes with such an injury?
Thanks for any help you can provide!Wink
Again, I should have stated in the post ... I live in NEW YORK state! Thanks!

RE: Question from NY newbie - 1171 - 03-18-2013

these are questions best answered by someone who has seen and treated many similar conditions.
prognosis is influenced by duration of the condition, age and physical condition of the patient, treatment required, response to post-surgical therapy, etc.
the best answers would come from your specialist.
you might get a better idea of what is involved from reviewing the treatment guidelines:

RE: Question from NY newbie - electrotyper - 03-18-2013

Thanks for the quick reply "1171". I was posting to try to get an answer from someone with experience with this type of injury. I have an appt with my orthopaedic this friday.I researched this type of injury, and came up with nothing. I don't want to appear to be too concerned about the award aspect of this injury. I am only 52 years old, and I realize I need to work for at least 12 more years. I am more concerned about range of motion, and regaining strength, since my job (which I started in July 2012) is a physically demanding job. So if anyone out there has experience with "frayed muscle " injuries to the rotator cuff, please post a quick response to my questions. In return I will post back with details as they occur, to help out anyone that may end up in a similar situation.

RE: Question from NY newbie - electrotyper - 04-15-2013

Talked to doctor and he said that the tendon was frayed, not the muscle. Bone was shaved to clean up joint. Today,
April 15th, the physical therapist told me I regained almost all of my range of motion, now need to regain my strength.