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need help to try firguring out settlement amount - WhiteRabbit - 01-25-2013

well let me start by explaining my case. I was a full time truck driver in Maryland when i got hurt. I hurt my upper back in between my shoulders Nov. 27,2010/ I was raising metal legs that hold trailer up when I felt a pop on spine around t3 t4. I lost feelings in my lower legs from knees down.also felt what feels like a light bolt going from in between shoulders all the way down to where i lost feeling. I have been to many doctors, all say the technical isn't available yet to fully find out what wrong with me. I have had several F.C.E (function capites exams) all saying I have very high restriction( cant lift over five pounds, cant be in in position for longer than 20mins, cant bend,kneel and much more)I have gotten some feeling back in legs but still cant feel feet. the light bolts has never went away,also now have sever limb on right side, and slightly hunchback because of where my back got hurt at. I have went hours of physical therapy, working harden programs to only hurt worse and not get any pain leave is always at about an 8 on the pain scale.I had faced the fact I would never go back to my precius job so I started a part time college course to learn a new career(i was in school maybe 5hr a week). the voc rehab company I was working with told me I had to quit school so I could com,it to voc rehab full time. I did. I did everything the voc rehab company asked of me when the ask/ I worked with them for few month but then I had to go to court another state I told my lawyer as well as voc rehab ass. that I would still do my tuturails and what was asked of me while I was out of state for three days via online. I come home just to find out everything I did while I was doing voc rehab I didnt get credit for and I was getting kicked out of voc rehab, and my ttd benefits were stopped. since my injury I now suffer from very bad depression because I cant go back to the job i loved, I had to ask my exhusband to take care of my son because when I first got hurt I couldnt do it, and now he trying to remove me for my son life completely, and it seemed that the voc rehab company assigned to work with me was against me from get go. my lawyer has sent a request to appear before md commision board. she also said I can go ahead and summdit an amount for settlement if I want. my questions is how do I calucate the amount to request. My average week wage according to the insurance is $667 a week. I'm 60% whole body permanently impaired and Im only 31yrs old.
thank you all for your help

RE: need help to try firguring out settlement amount - 1171 - 01-25-2013

Your atty can compute your disability amount.
As far as your future treatment costs you would have to discuss what you need and for how long with your doctors.
You should ask your doctor for a referral for treatment of your depression.