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RE: Been sick 4 months - lucky - 01-31-2013

Update; My Dermatologist has also thrown in the towel as well as 2 Urologist. Sad

About a week ago, My Daughter who works with patients everyday (She is a Registered Occupational Therapist) came up with a idea.

She feels I could have developed Hypersensitivity on my Penis where I put all the steroid creams on. She suggested to start rubbing the spot with a cotton ball to begin desensitizing this area. I started this about 5 days ago and I am doing 50% better. I can wear my "whitie tighties" without a band aid and the sensitivity is much better! THANK YOU JESUS!!!!!!!!!

I still burn at times; Last night I ate food with red pepper flakes and spicy sausage; My Penis started burning within 2 hours. How spicy food ties into sensitive skin is a mystery.

I did not handle my "junk" with spicy hands before someone suggests this.

I am not out of the woods but all your prayers have been felt. It has been hard and extremely stressful but I can see light at the end of this dark tunnel after 4 long months.

My daughter thinks it could be a form of RSD???????

RE: Been sick 4 months - bronco54501 - 01-31-2013

I dont know lucky, as I will pray for ya but I for sure am glad I have never had this problem.. But I will say, I am alergic to many detergents and stick to only tide unsented.. My stay in the hospital was caos, not only because they had to bag all dirty clothes because of mersa, my clothes had to be washed sepretly for my room...