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Settlement/motions filed/ - maxxer2012 - 10-19-2012

I have been going through a nightmare in NJ WC system for almost 8 years. I am 100% disabled per Federal Government, this happened back in 2009 when somebody (not my lawyer told me I could file). We are suppose to be close to settlement? My injury started with a 2 level fusion, from there the surgery had complications, leaving me without being able to swallow. I have a feeding tube, for life. Then I herniated above & below the fusion, causing a C8 nerve root compression, had to have surgery to repair. There are multiple other complications that have led to me nearly dying on several occasions. The WC IC has sent me to 6 different pain management specialist's, can they do that without putting a motion in? Each doctor has found the pain management care plan I am on in fine.My attorney has never tried to stop the crazy requests from the IC, & tells me I will be non compliant if I don't do whatever they want. I live over 65 miles from my job, most doctors they send me to are anywhere from 65-90 miles each way. I have been told by my attorney if I request mileage, ( I have it all documented), the Judge will be angry, & I will be in trouble? This case is in NJ, I have over 8000 miles on my car. Does anyone know about this? The first Judge retired, she was wonderful, new one I do not know who they are, & from what I feel the IC was waiting for a new Judge, knowing the one was retiring soon. I have 4 children ages 21-16 now, yet when I was first injured 14-0, they see me choke, unable to breathe, & the trauma to them is unreal. Any suggestions? My attorney has told me he is getting 100,000 anyway & he relocated his practice to another state, so he said he will walk if we don't get this settled?[/size][/font]

RE: Settlement/motions filed/ - 1171 - 10-19-2012

you should have an atty you trust.
contact some others about taking over your claim