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What is a Reasonable ammount of time - fredsong - 10-15-2012 wait for your Attorney to meet with you after a claim has been closed and a settlement issued? It's been three weeks, I don't understand why I'm still in the dark. I would ditch him in a heart beat but I need to get things rolling before I lose my home.Sad

RE: What is a Reasonable ammount of time - jayne - 10-15-2012

Depends was it a settlement agreed upon by you and them and okayed by the judge? 30 days.....Or did you and your lawyers just put feelers out?then they dont ever have to answer.

RE: What is a Reasonable ammount of time - 1171 - 10-15-2012

what do you mean by settlement issued?
papers drawn up?
papers signed?
papers sent to court?
court approval?
check cut?
check received?

it can takes many weeks for each step...
depends on your state rules and what the process is.

RE: What is a Reasonable ammount of time - fredsong - 10-16-2012

I was hit with this one morning when I went into work, my supervisor said my claim had been closed and no more time loss payments would be issued. The next day I received the first payment of a $22,000 settlement along with a schedule of monthly payments, the first check was only for about 300.00 due to over payments.

I was told in the info packet that I could cash this out in a lump sum but if I did I would forfeit my right to appeal the amount. I've called my attorney's office several times, they tell me to wait to cash out to look into appealing it. As I stated earlier, I'm in a financial Armageddon because I've been working on half paychecks for fourteen months. I'm buried in debt and about to lose my home and my attorney say's when he has all the info he will send me a letter and I can make an appointment to talk things over. It's been three weeks.

I'm at the end of my rope, I don't don't know what to do. My employer is working on a sedentary job for me so that's covered but I don't understand why after all this time I'm still left hanging. I would have thought that as soon as they closed my claim I would be able to go in and talk about my options but the way things are going it could be months and I just don't have any more time left. My anxiety level is off the charts and I have no where to turn. Thanks

RE: What is a Reasonable ammount of time - 1171 - 10-16-2012

again it depends on your state rules.
i'm guessing they are making voluntary permanent disability payments based on their rating of your doctor's report.
your claim is not closed as they are still making periodic payments; you don't pay out on a closed account.
as long as you have an atty they are not going to deal with you directly.

you can talk to a few other attys and consider switching.

RE: What is a Reasonable ammount of time - Proud2bme - 06-07-2019


Yes, received 3-opinions and I have done research.

Unfortunately the pain is becoming unbearable (I'm such a sissy la la when it comes to pain) in pain now? and it's time to take care of it.

Have a great weekend!