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The "Process" - burningairline - 10-05-2012

I am just trying to get a sense of how this process works in my scenario, as no one has done that yet. So..
Back in August, (In Seattle, WA), I lost about half my thumb in a tablesaw when an oak board I was ripping sprung at the end and tossed my guide hand into the blade. There was one "amputation revision" surgery, and now I am starting physical therapy next week. So far, L & I has sent me one check that covered my travel expenses and prescription costs. Actual check for missed work is supposed to start next week.
I don't understand how this plays out from here, is there some final settlement check at the end, and how is that defined? I supposedly have a "case manager" who has never called me, and has never returned a single message. I am talking to a new person every single time I call, and they don't typically have answers because, I assume, it's the responsibility of the case manager to provide me with help, and answers.
Just looking for basic information, and anything would help. Thanks!!

RE: The "Process" - 1171 - 10-05-2012

not all claims are eligible for benefits beyond medical and wage loss.
in order to be entitled to additional benefits you have to have permanent impairment. that is determined by the doctors after you have reached maximum recovery. the duration of the additional benefits is determined by your rating. the higher the rating the longer the additional weekly payments are made.
case manager is not your adjuster; generally they handle medical issues.
the best basic information is on the state website: