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dealing with a lawyer after settlement - wardmacdonald - 09-21-2012

Hello fellow injured workers, Does anyone know how to change to a better lawyer after a case has been settled and stiped in california ?
The lawyer in question does not work well with his clients. It maybe his paralegal or both.

Thanks in Advance Ward

RE: dealing with a lawyer after settlement - 1171 - 09-22-2012

go to and find an atty that will work for free.

RE: dealing with a lawyer after settlement - Cervical_Fusion - 09-22-2012

(09-22-2012, 01:11 AM)1171 Wrote: go to and find an atty that will work for free.

If you find an Attorney who will work for free...please post their name and contact info on here...we would all love to have someone on our side who will go pro bono

RE: dealing with a lawyer after settlement - 1171 - 09-22-2012

correction********just signed into law this week:

SEC. 2. Section 4610.2 is added to the Labor Code, to read:
4610.2. If a final award of permanent disability made by the appeals board specifies the provision of future medical treatment and a medical dispute arises in the course of a utilization review
conducted pursuant to Section 4610 in connection with the enforcement of this award, and the applicant employs an attorney for purposes of enforcing the award and prevails, the appeals board may award
attorney's fees reasonably incurred by the applicant in connection with enforcement of the award.

I'm not sure who has to pay the atty fee although I assume it's the carrier since the provision requires the injured to prevail.
there are three critical conditions: has to be a UR dispute and the court decides not only the amount of the fee but whether there should be one, and you have to "win" the dispute.
because it is new this law has not been tested nor are there WCAB rules for it's use.
but it is a step in the right direction.
unless stated otherwise new laws start the first of the year following their passage.

RE: dealing with a lawyer after settlement - casual1 - 09-22-2012

It would be great to go to a web site to see a list of Workers Compensation Attorneys that Injured Workers are happy about, received a great result in a reasonable amount of time. It is a crap shoot IMHO to find a good California Workers Compensation attorney that works directly in your behalf, not friends of the opposition, that will get what you need in a timely fashion. We have AVVO. You really dont know what you get until you hire this attorney and can experience his/her communication skills and presentations to court. I have not witnessed a site that shows a great AA in Workers Compensation in my area, based on IW's recommendations. It would be great for IW's to write their stories on a site about their attorneys actions and results.

RE: dealing with a lawyer after settlement - lucky - 09-22-2012

I had a excellent relationship with my 2 Attorney,s and communication was never a issue. I Never pestered my Attorney about nonsense and we also communicated by email.

Everyone signs a contract with there Attorney and Law firm right? I did my Homework and thank God my Attorney was God sent! He turned a 5digit settlement offer to mid 6 digits because he cared and knew WC of Louisiana.

RE: dealing with a lawyer after settlement - jayne - 09-22-2012

My lawyer was awesome make no bones about it. anyone get hurt in Okla and I will send his name to them.But you get what you put into it also you have to educate yourself also.