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need to know if this is possible - hope1944 - 08-27-2012

hi everyone,I live in the state of Ga and i have a question. little bit about my situation..I was hurt at work July2010 by a employee playing a prank joke by removing my chair when going to sit and i fell and was hurt. Herniated L4,L5,S1 disc along with other problems..long story short. since this happened i was put on w/c and over 2 years they have kept sending me back to work with restrictions well i havent been able to do the job so we went to court and judge rules in my favor of me not being sent back to work,w/c appealed it went back to court judge ruled in my favor again..after two months of receiving judge ruling in the mail saying i dont have to return to work on friday i got another 240a form saying i am to return back to work and was signed by a doctor that only does my treatment procedures (spinal injections,etc) he is not my primary treating doctor that i see every month. Can w/c keep putting me through this after judge has said i do not have to return to work??

RE: need to know if this is possible - 1171 - 08-27-2012

without reviewing the judges decision I can't tell how long you can stay out of work; it may apply only to certain retrun-to-work orders.
in order to deal with legal matters and court decisions you need the help of an atty specializing in the georgia work comp rules.