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Scheduled for a FCE - hurt back - 08-22-2012

delete please thanks billy

RE: Scheduled for a FCE - cherokeegal - 08-22-2012

I'm so sorry you're having to go through this. But you are definitely right about injured workers being treated like criminals.

This experience is the worst I have ever been treated. I can't believe it at all. I have been lied to, talked down to, harrassed, belittled and ignored by my own employer. I have been treated like I'm lying, faking, like I'm stupid, and all that by care providers.

I don't know why anybody would fake an injury just to get worker's comp. It's definitely not anything I would ask for!

RE: Scheduled for a FCE - lucky - 08-22-2012

A FCE is a Functional Capacity Examination. Since you are considered MMI. A FCE will see where you could possibly be placed in a job such as sedentary, medium labor etc.

BE YOURSELF AND DO NOT EXAGGERATE! They will be looking to see if you are exaggerating about your pain and will do things twice to see if you repeat.

Be yourself and you will be okay. My FCE lasted 2 days and I was found PTD in the end.

The worse thing you can do is Fake a symptom will have a heart monitor and BP machine on you.

Since they have done all they can do, It is time to see where you belong in the workforce. Being on WC forever will not happen. All WC wants to do is get you at a point where you can be employable at some level. They do not have to get you at your pre injury level. It sounds crude but you are at the end and it will all go real fast.

RE: Scheduled for a FCE - hurt back - 08-22-2012

delete please thanks billy

RE: Scheduled for a FCE - AQA - 08-22-2012

Is the IC pushing for the FCE or is it just the dr.???

If it is just the dr., he/she is going to use it as a diagnostic tool.

During my fce. I had to use my hands over head, push and pull a sled with weights on it, climb a ladder, work with may hands at waist level and while kneeling as well as other things.

Three of the four of them were computer aided. I like the fact that the possibility of human error was removed. During all of them I had a little heart/pulse monitor around my chest, so they could see what was going with the heart/pulse rate.

Also doing three of the four. I was told to do what I could and stop when I could do no more. When stopped doing them I immediately layed down on a table to relive the pain in the back and leg.

I suggest you be as honest with yourself as possible. That way you will truely know what you can and can not do.

RE: Scheduled for a FCE - hurt back - 08-23-2012

delete please thanks billy

RE: Scheduled for a FCE - lucky - 08-24-2012

A FCE is not only to rate your current working ability but it is also is seeing if you are being Honest or for a better word faking. They will do things twice to see if you are repetitive; They will push on parts of your body that is not near you injury to see how you react.

I know you will be Honest but the worse outcome would to be considered a Faker. Some believe a FCE holds no merit; It did for me. I was found sedentary with several limitations and some light work with many restrictions. After the FCE, I was assigned a Voc. Rehab person whom I met with for 11 months.

During our 1st meeting, He told me,the wife and my Attorney that he was taken back that I was assigned for Voc. Rehab. I never filled out a Resume; I met with him monthly and he would always say there is no work with your limitations but we are "both" getting paid so we will work the system. In Louisiana, They assign a contractor to do Voc. Rehab. It cost the state $8427 dollars for BS.

When I settled in Jan. 2012 after approx 8 1/2 years, My total Workers Comp cost was $900,000. I settled with a Indemnity cash out and a Medicare set a side. Many will say to leave the medical open but that was not optional for me to settle. Anyway, I like my situation because I have WC out of my life totally.

I settled at PTD. My payout with the Indemnity and MSA was mid 6 digits approx $500,000. I had a outstanding Attorney; He did not take 20% from my Indemnity for the MSA and they can. That saved me $40k but I negotiated for that and he agreed in writing.

I never went to court to settle. I went to one meditation in May 2009; We got "hung up" over the MSA amount not the Indemnity. They continued to pay me weekly for the next 32 months which I added to my settlement, a extra $70k that was a good thing.

Believe in yourself; Life will not be the same but you have to roll on with life. I draw SSDI and have since date of injury minus the 6 months SSA holds back I had a bacpay check of almost $45000 dollars in May 2006. I was 45 when I had my wreck.

Good Luck
Life is normal again except for nagging pain but we all have to deal with a changed life.

RE: Scheduled for a FCE - hurt back - 08-27-2012

delete please thanks billy

RE: Scheduled for a FCE - AQA - 08-27-2012

If you want to take your list of restrictions, thats fine. You are going to violate each and everyone of them.

If you want to take your cane, thats fine. You won't use it.

Sorry about the forementioned, but I don't know how else to say it.

You are going to have to push yourself. Whether it is computer aided or not. They will know if your not pushing yourself.

RE: Scheduled for a FCE - hurt back - 08-27-2012

delete please thanks billy