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Benefits and legal rights confusion - Phoenix - 08-08-2012

I was injured on the job in late January of this year. I was on light duty for a few months, but since I wasn't improving I had to go on LOA in May. I received WC for about a month. I went through the "second opinion" appointment, with one of the doctors that worked for Claims Management, and my WC stopped. This doctor claimed my injury couldn't be proven to be work related, go figure.

I do have short term disability insurance, but when my WC was stopped, I contacted an attorney. I'm currently waiting to file an appeal. I was told I can't start short term disability unless we lose the case.

My employer just informed me that I will be terminated since my LOA is up. I don't know if I should/can file for unemployment while I wait an see whats going to happen with the appeal. My injury is preventing me from doing any kind of work at the moment. What should I do?

Sorry if someone else posted a similar thread, just getting stressed out.

RE: Benefits and legal rights confusion - 1171 - 08-08-2012

it all depends on what you need: housing, treatment, food, counseling, clothing, Rx, transportation, detox, addiction help, etc.

you can only receive unemployment if you are looking for work and will accept a job.
if your employment is covered by FMLA, you have 12 weeks of job protection.

check with your state, county, and local agencies for help.
contact your union as they often have services for members in an emergecy.
call your church as they have support for those in need or can refer you to local resources.
there may be service clubs (moose, elk, kiwanna, etc.) that will provide emergency aid.

every place has different resources so there is no one place to go.

RE: Benefits and legal rights confusion - Phoenix - 08-08-2012

Ironically my attorney just contacted me. He's going to try to have Short Term Disability start to make payments for now.

I had to move back in with my family, so rents not an issue. My main concern is having my medical bills and prescriptions taken care of. While I had WC, they only paid lost wages. Now I realized I should have contacted an attorney the day I filled out the injury report..