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Today's visit - hurt back - 08-06-2012

delete please thanks billy

RE: Today's visit - 1171 - 08-06-2012

I think you are being too logical.

i suspect if there is no treatment they want to give, they reason there is no point to finding out any more about why.

i found that over the years of dealing with the medical community they often problem solve in more economical/efficient way.
that is: they know the available treatments and what types of causes/conditions those treatments work best on.
once they've eliminated those causes/conditions they see no point in further medical investigation.

if you only got a hammer and screwdriver, once you found out it's not a nail or not a screw you move on to next job.

just my take on what little I know of your situation.

RE: Today's visit - hurt back - 08-06-2012

delete please thanks billy

RE: Today's visit - 1171 - 08-06-2012

Either method to request a doc is ok.
If you want them to pay they have to approve the doc.
You can always pay for your own doc.

Will you go for pain mgmt?
As I posted it's not just the case mgr, if the docs don't have a treatment they want to move on to another patient.
You may not think you are "done" but it's not your case or your decision.
Other option is to settle and try to use the $$ to find treatment. You have little leverage to get them to continue more searching for a cure.

It's difficult to quit and accept situation when you are in pain.
Are you open to counseling?

RE: Today's visit - hurt back - 08-06-2012

delete please thanks billy

RE: Today's visit - 1171 - 08-06-2012

most patients underestimate the mental/emotional component of serious life changing injury. They have little or no experience living with disability.
There is a whole other world out there you are just getting a glimpse of.
There is no "way back" machine for most who visit this site.
You have to learn how to live differently.
Some end up with severe anger issues; others - horrible depression, isolation, withdrawal,crying.
The "blame game" is another common response.
Counseling can help.

RE: Today's visit - hurt back - 08-07-2012

delete please thanks billy

RE: Today's visit - 1171 - 08-07-2012

In our other life being "stubborn and determined" was a strategy for success. It showed focus and goal-oriented behavior.
Pain, disability, impairment don't care about your past success or determination or commitment. It is what it is.
The question is "can you find a new strategy?" one that allows you to work around your pain and bad days and give yourself a feeling of accomplishment.
Can you find success in the creative ways you find to live with your new partners in life?
They will likely be with you a long time--like when a bad relative moves in your house!
don't try to batter down the wall or demolish these obstacles--
Find out what insights they can give that you were missing. Maybe if your lifestyle changes and slows down other success can grow.

There is no one path to Dealing with these issues these counselings may help make some sense out of what is happening. A professional has even more to offer.
Be well.

RE: Today's visit - AQA - 08-08-2012

Well said 1171.

RE: Today's visit - jayne - 08-08-2012

hurtback there are many ways I deal with is floating....if you are near a body of water a pool or lake and have enough body fat try and just float relaxing your whole body sometimes if you are a skinny person those noodle things help.I have got to where I can float for over an hr if left alone.this really helps take the weight off the lower back.And if you have a pain med have someone watch over you.I can zen out in this hour and not feel a thing.It helps to have your own pool even a small above ground will work.