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Pre Trial Conference - ammowoman - 07-13-2012

The attorney is out of town but we will check with him on Monday.

When we went to mediation the judge told the IC our attorney was aggressively pursuing the case and not to take their time scheduling my husbands appt with their Dr. It's 2 months later and its has not even been scheduled yet. My guess is his attorney scheduled it but not sure. When I looked up pretrial it stated reasons as settlement, resolve disputes and belief a meeting with the judge will help move the case to final hearing. My opinion is that his attorney requested the conference since the IC has yet to even schedule a appt with their Dr. Until we talk to the attorney we don't know for sure. It wouldn't surprise me if the IC was playing some game either.

Anyone with experience or opinions? We have a appt today at the lawyers but its with his other attorney.

RE: Pre Trial Conference - bronco54501 - 07-13-2012

Delays, delays and delays, I wouldnt expect anything less.. Hopefully he will have good news for you's.... How is your hubby doing..?

RE: Pre Trial Conference - lucky - 07-13-2012

It took me 3 1/2 years to settle after mediation; My Case stayed tied up over the cost of my Medicare Setaside.

RE: Pre Trial Conference - ammowoman - 07-14-2012

Hubby's doing good. The warm weather and the new meds help. I did take him to a ballgame. Gave ourselves plenty of time to get to our seats. I got seats that i thought would be easier on him. First level. Close to field. I didn't think about i would have to go up and down them to get everything the whole game. Lol. He had a great time. It was the first time we have done something since his accident 2 yrs ago that didn't involve Dr or lawyers. I'm going to get more tickets for him and our son to go. They would have a great time with just the boys. Since he doesn't do anything we've never gotten a handicap permit for the car. I need to be sure and get one before i send them. We walked slow, took breaks and he took his gel pad (I call it his booster to sit on. it was hard on him. Maybe being able to park a little closer will help. I'm not sure how the process works to get one but i wouldn't think it would be a problem.

RE: Pre Trial Conference - jayne - 07-14-2012

it isnt hard here in okla I went to the DMV and picked up the paperwork had my Dr fill it out and sent it in with a dollar bill it was good for 5 years

RE: Pre Trial Conference - bronco54501 - 07-14-2012

The process is very easy.. I asked my primary dr to fill out the forms and this was 3 months after injury and he did with no problems. I then took them to dmv and wa-lah very easy...

It is good to get him out and about, within reason... Booster If it works then great, i used to bring a couch cushion if I knew I was going for a long ride or having to sit... People really do have problems, the wierd looks and the laughter but I dont care when you have hardware in your ass it hurts period.. I have tried the gel pads they do work but still hurts...

RE: Pre Trial Conference - jayne - 07-14-2012

I bought a donut looking thing from Eckards drug store to sit on its a life (butt)safer