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having issues finding a doctor in NW Arkansas - 14me - 04-23-2012

I have a California WC claim and just have medical now for my back.. I have moved to Arkansas about 2 1/2 years and was dealing with a pain management doctor in Fayetteville AR. My Doctor decided to drop me and he is really a pain and very rude doctor and I had been looking for a new doctor beforehand who will treat me with dignity but now I cannot find a doctor who will take WC from Calif. Plus with the type of medication that I take no pain management doc. will not take me in NW Arkansas unless somehow I missed something. I have called my adjuster in Fresno and she states she can't do anything because I am out of state. If I happen to find a doctor just let her know and we will go from there but other than that I am really stuck and don't know what to do. Can anyone give me a idea of what I can do to find a new doc. or how to find one. I go thru constant pain in my lower back and I had 3 back surgeries and had my lower back fused and my back is getting worse.

Thanks a million for any suggestions .

RE: having issues finding a doctor in NW Arkansas - 1171 - 04-23-2012

you are in a difficult spot.
i don't believe california can demand an out-of-state doctor accept their fee schedule but you may have to go to court to get it enforced.
you can request a copy of the carrier's MPN rules and see how they address out-of-state treatment.
you can also contact the medical bureau of the DWC and see what advice they give

you could also pay the difference and file for re-imbursement. the court would have a difficult time denying you in light of their refusal to provide treatment.

but of course all this is very difficult from out-of-state without legal representation.
all the leverage is theirs.

another option is to get them to offer a reasonable buy-out of your future medical treatment.
but again, if they want to be butts about the whole thing, it could be a struggle.

after all that and still no solution I would start badgering California legislators and the Insurance commissioners office.

also try writing to the claims manager and ask them for help & suggestions,
who knows you may hit a sympathetic nerve.