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Weekend Weather - Bummer Knees - 04-13-2012

All day news media have been preparing the public for weather expected in our area tomorrow.

Here is what the news media is saying:

RE: Weekend Weather - bronco54501 - 04-13-2012

Oh god bummer, I would hate to be in that situation.. I hope yous have a safe place to be durring them storms.. I think I would head out of harms way until it was over....I pray you and every one in this area will be safe... Darn tornados are evil.......

RE: Weekend Weather - Bummer Knees - 04-13-2012

Bodybuilder also lives in this are and Jayne Oklahoma. Not for sure how far she is from Oklahoma City.

RE: Weekend Weather - jayne - 04-13-2012

I am down in eastern Okla.I will be out watching the sky with my cameras.......

RE: Weekend Weather - bronco54501 - 04-13-2012

All I can say is this spring has had some crazy weather... We were spoiled the first nice weather we had was 70,s for the last week we have had hard frost dipping down to the high teens.. Now we have rain comming (( which we need )) and snow mixed starting sun evening and through tues night,,,..

I hope you all watch the weather and be safe.......

RE: Weekend Weather - UndercovrAngel - 04-13-2012

We have been under a tornado watch since about 1 this afternoon. It has just expired and slid about 5 miles north of us. But that doesn't mean we still can't get hit if a tornado develops. One of the worst tornadoes Wichita Falls ever experienced happened April 10,1979 so we are about due for another one. Here is a link to some info on that tornado.

This is what channel 6 KAUZ is now saying about our weather:

Tonight we're expecting scattered thunderstorms, some of which will be capable of producing large hail. Overnight lows will be in the 60s.

There will be a Serious severe weather threat from north Texas northward to Nebraska on Saturday. Virtually any thunderstorm that develops in the afternoon and evening will be capable of producing a tornado. Stay with Newschannel six for the very latest.

Storms should move east by Sunday.

Weatherbug says a 70% chance of severe storms Saturday night and 50% Sunday during the day and then it is adios amigos. Unless the weatherman is wrong and the system stalls out to the west of us.

Angel ^j^

RE: Weekend Weather - ammowoman - 04-13-2012

Checked our weather when I saw this thread. Good thing I did. Severe thunder storms Sat and Sunday with tornados possible on Saturday here in KC.

RE: Weekend Weather - monster1963 - 04-14-2012

My memory has not done well through the years I guess. I was living in Wichita Falls and was there for Terrible Tuesday. I had remembered the death toll being 45 (I was wrong it was 41) and the tornado being 1/2 mile wide which it was almost 1 mile wide. Don;t really want to see anything like that again! Everyone stay safe this weekend and check in when you can! Thanks for the footage Angel.

RE: Weekend Weather - jayne - 04-14-2012

we are okay for today tomorrow is when we are supposed to get hit with the bad stuff

RE: Weekend Weather - bronco54501 - 04-14-2012

(04-14-2012, 09:33 AM)jayne Wrote: we are okay for today tomorrow is when we are supposed to get hit with the bad stuff

You had best throw a few ancors on that pool, what would we go chunky dipping