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RE: what will happen next........Settlement? = What? - 1171 - 04-12-2012

(04-11-2012, 09:01 PM)classk Wrote: Hi I am in California in need of advise I am new here please be nice, thank injury was in 2008 I have an atty but no answers, I will make it short: I am P&S, I have two reports 1 from my PTP with 49%WPI and 1 from a QME with 31% WPI I also have a Psych report with 36% WPI I was send to a VR and in her report states: unable to compete in open labor market with 100% diminished future earning capacity, I am 44 and was earning 50k, my atty has gone silent and I do not know what to expect next, any info is really apreciated Thank You again.
I am sorry I forgot to mention that CI Atty do not agree with Psych report. thanks again.

settling a worker's compensation claim is not an OFF TOPIC post:
anything (within reason) that you want to discuss that is not workers' comp related belongs here...

I suspect your atty will try to get the court to allow the VR report to be used to modify your medical disability rating.
there will no doubt be a hearing where you'll testify.
then there will be an appeal by whichever party losses the decision.
there maybe an attempt to settle way down the road but resolution of your claim will be very contentious.
you have a very long row to hoe ahead of you before your PD issue is resolved.