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i think i got a decision - holla85 - 02-28-2012

I recieved a letter from nys in the mail stated a decision was made on my case. They awarded me x amount of dollars for my scheduled loss of use. The letter gave a breakdown on how it was figured and explained how my dr and the ime gave be the same percentage loss of use. which i knew already they agreed. they asked if there was any objections, please write them down and send it back before the date listed, which was a month from know. the question is can the carrier object to this decision. the ime and my dr gave the same loss of use percentage.
2nd question
i have another case going also for my shoulder slu award .which i havent recieved any paper work yet for. i called customer service nys worker comp. board the person assigned to my case stated that both the ime and my dr aggreed on those percentages also. so no hearing is needed. she stated that it will be given to the board and i should have a decision by this week same thing can there be objections to that by the carrier.

RE: i think i got a decision - 1171 - 02-28-2012

yes, objections can be filed by either party on most board decisions.

RE: i think i got a decision - holla85 - 02-28-2012

(02-28-2012, 08:17 PM)1171 Wrote: yes, objections can be filed by either party on most board decisions.

on a the cases like mine. what can they object about. the ime gave me the same percentage loss as my dr. would it be a tactic to stall or to award the amount

RE: i think i got a decision - 1171 - 02-29-2012

I don't know the details of your case.
as I stated, legally they are allowed to object.
whether they would depends on the facts in evidence.

hypothetically there could be a number of reasons:
inaccurate medical history, evaluation/rating errors, evidence from other sources that discredit the injury or the disability.

two doctors agreeing doesn't make it so; mistakes can be made by more then one physician.

there are a myriad of possibilities of what can happen;
ferreting out those you can worry about and focusing on them is not very productive.

your case probably has more to be positive about then negative.

RE: i think i got a decision - poppy481647 - 01-06-2015

I was under the belief, that once a decision is made as to a certain number of dollars, that the carrier has approx. ten days after the date that is located on the bottom right hand side of your letter, file date, to remit payment to you, Like i said this, is my understanding, unless am missing something here in which case I would stand to be corrected.....Is that not stated on your letter?????