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Paying More for Health Benefits - HadEnuffAlready - 02-24-2012

I'm in Illinois. Long story short my case is ready to settle. I have one issue I can't find an answer to. When I was injured I was full time but now all they've offered me is part time (I have perm. restrictions). I am able to get benefits (health, dental, vision) but at more than double the rate of what it cost when I was full time! Is there anything I can do about this? My attorney says he can't help me with that. Any advice would be appreciated.

RE: Paying More for Health Benefits - 1171 - 02-24-2012

if you were injured before 9/1/2011 not those factors directly but the wage loss due to permanent restrictions can be included when evaluating all the injury effects when determining a settlement.

If, due to the injury, the employee obtains a new job that pays less than the pre-injury job(s), he or she may be entitled to receive a wage differential. The wage differential is two-thirds (66 2/3%) of the difference between the amount the worker earns in the new job and the amount he or she would be earning in the old job(s).
An employee may be compensated for either the loss of wages or the permanent disability related to the same injury, but not both.