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Would the following fall under worker's comp? - Chilliwack - 01-28-2012

First, I lost my employment in late November. Since I work in the "At Will Employment" state of Illlinois, I fully understand that I can be terminated at any time for no reason. That is what happened to me. No reason given.

Go back to September. My boss was out on sick leave. His boss became our direct boss during this time.

A situation arose with a customer where our boss thought an error I caused was going to cost us about $500,000. I had proof via conversations and documented emails that this not the truth.

The boss would have no part of it. Besides getting quite personal with me, he informed me that his job has been on the line for some time. He then said that my actions are going to cause him to lose his job. He then added, "When I sense that my time is up, trust me, you are going down first."

I ended up having a severe anxiety attack. Was hospitalized for 24 hours. First registered heart rate was 186/126. Chest xray, CT, stress test, and a 1 night stay in the cardiac center verified that I had an anxiety attack.

Upon my return, I again tried to get with the boss to prove to him that his accusations were wrong. He simply would not respond to my phone calls (he works 80 miles away) and emails.

As you can imagine, his antics ended up costing me $1,500 in out of pocket hospital costs.

Does something like this fall under Worker's Comp? Would I even have a claim since I am no longer employed? I have considered going after the employer in small claim's court, but thought I would give this a try first.


RE: Would the following fall under worker's comp? - 1171 - 01-28-2012

i believe Illinois comp law limits mental injuries to only those that are subsequent to a physical injury caused by the job.
as such your anxiety attack would not qualify as a work comp injury.