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notice of mediation - jayc123 - 01-07-2012

hi everyone,isnt it fun going through this world of hell called workers comp?anyway,i just got a letter from my atty to attend a mediation on 3/9 in florida.ive reviewed the other posts of mediation here and it seems its to settle the case.i have an appt to meet my new surgeon on 1/25 to get cut up for 2 herniated discs and 1 bulging,a dedicated mri was supposed to be done on my upper spine to find the rest but they never scheduled it(6 months now).my question is why would they go to mediation if nothing has been done yet?and is this typical procedure?it seems a waste of time if its to settle.btw thanks to everyone for all thier posts on everything,i dont post much but just reading all this helps alot personally.thanks again