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DIME States I Can't Work - lefty - 12-28-2011

Colorado here with a question concerning my DIME exaime.
After talking with this doctor whom I had seen one year ago to the day. Upon which time he stated that I "wasn't at MMI", (Dec. 2010).

Well, today he states that I "can't work with my arm as it is. That it is no good." We also decuss my mental status. I've been seeing a Psych doctor who has me on 6 different medications. We talked about my CRPS as well. Now I told him that my pain doctor said that it was a mild case of CRPS. The DIME stated to me that it seems to him that I had given up on myself. He made that statement after asking me what was I going to do now? My answer was I don't know! I told him that I was approved for SSD., just last month. He said that I can't work like this and that he hated to be so hard on me, but there will be no more doctors. That he wanted them to help me get off the Psych medications, and off pain pills.

He also read to me something shocking from my Pain Doctor. "Your pain doctor states that you had psych problem prior to this injury. Now why do you think he said that?"

You could have knocked me over with a feather!!! I told the Dime that it wasn't true and there wasn't anything mentally wrong with me prior to the injury. There is no records to prove this! I told the DIME, that I couldn't believe that the doctor would make such a statement. I went on to tell him how mentally well adjusted I was prior to, work, home life, religion etc,. He asked me if I lived alone? I said no, with my two adult sons whom were there with me. He stated that I know they don't want this for you and it must hurt to see you this way.

My attorney will not be back in office until the 1th of the year. So for now I am at a lost as to what the out come would be. He did some measurments prior to our talk and a few after. I will certainly let my attorney know about the statement the Pain doctor made in his report.

I need my psych doctor and I the meds from him to keep my anxiety and depression down so that my flare ups will MAYBE be at a minium.
So I believe that he is putting me at MMI. But what is up with that statement about me not being able to work like this?

Looking for any opinion or advice the community can give. I know none of you have a crystal ball. Just maybe someone has had this sort of experiance. PS. The DIME also stated that the pain doctor wasn't happy when He sent me back to that pain doctor for Brachial Plexius blocks.
Also that prior to my injury all he saw was a car accident resulting in a siactic nerve damage, and a repair of my ankle tendon.

Thanks for reading this and God Bless.

RE: DIME States I Can't Work - 1171 - 12-28-2011

I think you are correct that the doctor believes you have reached maximum medical improvement.
I also think it is not helpful to speculate further about the recommendations for treatment and a disability rating.
as you know, what is discussed in person is not necessarily what goes into the report.