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Winter weather headed our way - Bummer Knees - 12-18-2011

Tomorrow Kansas will be hit with the beginning of winter weather with snow & ice starting Monday afternoon and into Tuesday morning.
North of here reports are calling for 4-8 inches and where I live 2-5 inches.

I do not do well in this weather & do my best to stay inside. But I have am to meet with an attorney Tuesday morning for pictures & accept a check for the non-profit.

Any winter weather for you Jayne and Bodybuilder?

RE: Winter weather headed our way - jayne - 12-18-2011

Lord I hope know Jayne and snow dont get along at all...

RE: Winter weather headed our way - Bummer Knees - 12-18-2011

Jayne I also hope you do not get this stuff.

Sounds like we will get something Monday, I need to tell mother nature to hold off as my daughter leaves Colorado tonnght to head home from a ski trip.

RE: Winter weather headed our way - bronco54501 - 12-20-2011

We have had about 18 inches, but last week we had 2 days of rain which is not common for northern wi.. We now have 3 inches of hard crust on the ground, no snow in sight but has been very cold. Our lakes on an average have 10 inches of ice, people are putting the shacks on the ice already and a few dummies are out there with thier vehicles.. One of the dummies is my son, and of course with my truck...... I just about came unglued..<< But dad, other people are doing it>> Not with my truck you dont...

The snowmobile trail club opened the gates that ajoins my property, getting ready to open the trails.. I went out and had a long talk with them about re routing the trail along the north side of the house.. With out my permission the trail would be closed , I just want it re routed because of Dominick, I told him its fine this year but next year they will have to clear some trees to keep the trail away from the house...

RE: Winter weather headed our way - jayne - 12-20-2011

funny how your ideas change when you have a little one....we spent 3 years in Alaska it was amazing the amount of idiots that were on the ice before it was deemed safe.

RE: Winter weather headed our way - Cervical_Fusion - 12-20-2011

Ok guys keep it all over to the west of us please. We do not want any of it here in Ohio[/align]

RE: Winter weather headed our way - chrischris - 12-22-2011

I don't know how you people handle the snow. I hate that white stuff. It was in the low 30's this morning and I had to drive to a dr. appt. 35 miles away. Had to wrap up like a mummy to keep warm and even with the mittens on driving, my hands and arms just ached. So glad to be home with a cup of hot tea. What a whoose I am! Tongue

RE: Winter weather headed our way - jayne - 12-22-2011

I know Chris just that nasty 4 letter word makes me hurt all over it was in the hi 50s here today and the sun shine was beautiful.

RE: Winter weather headed our way - bronco54501 - 12-24-2011

We must have got the left overs from that storm, Gusty winds and only 1 inch of snow.. It was a heat wave today, a big 20 above but the winds brought it down to 5..