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Post Surgery Injury - meonline01 - 11-30-2011


I had back surgery a little over a year ago for some pretty bad sciatica and back pain. The surgery pretty much solved my problem. This was NOT a work injury claim.

Now I just recently fell out of a chair at work (really embarrassingly and really HARD) on to the floor. I hit the floor hard enough that I had a large bruise on my backside.

Now I am feeling pain in my back and also down into my legs.

I am afraid that this fall may have herniated my discs as the pain is very similar to what I had before, just not as intense yet.

I will be making an appointment with my doc to get checked out.

My question is: If I file a WC claim, will they deny it since my back had surgery done on it before? If filing a claim will be contested, then should I just not mention to the doc it happened at work and just get treated through my regular health insurance? I also want to avoid any impact this may have on my employment... even if in pain, I can still do work since its an office job... so may not qualify for a WC claim anyway since I would not be looking for days off.

Any input will be appreciated.

Live in WA state.

RE: Post Surgery Injury - 1171 - 11-30-2011

the behavior of others can't be predicted.

a work aggravation of a previous non-industrial condition is a new injury and compensible.

they won't contest it until they have contacted the doctor who is required to report it.

all work comp claims impact the employer.

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