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Not to sure about the snow.. - bronco54501 - 11-19-2011

[Image: zvsug0.jpg]

His first day in the snow, we made little snow balls and he tried to taste them..........cold cold cold..... He tried to crawl in the snow but it was to hard with the snow suit.....

RE: Not to sure about the snow.. - jayne - 12-05-2011

its now snowing here,yuk! good thing is it wont stay...its really pretty to look at and funny as hell to watch Okies try to walk and drive in and then it goes away in a few hours....its been snowing for about 4 hours and all ready the accidents are piling up and the police are saying unless you are hurt dont call us we are busy tending to the ones that are....Okie men just cant stay home...gotta prove they can drive in it...and at top speed....ahhhhh well its good money for the tow truck drivers and any one else with a com-along right now.....snow snakes are out and many a butt is getting bit....even my kids are out in it.....Me I poured another cup of coffee and turned up the heater and popped another oxxie....I hate cold...

RE: Not to sure about the snow.. - bronco54501 - 12-05-2011

I hear ya Jayne, I think yous will get some of this artic air as it moves through. We got 10 more inches 2 days ago, wet and heavy snow. The plows didnt even start plowing until it was done. We along with about 30,000 people were without power, i was about to head over to the parents when they called and said thiers just went off as well. With the lack of money durring the summer, I sold my plow truck . I kept the plow system but have not been able to re-fab it to fit my other truck, I may have to pay someone to do it for me, my body just dont bend like it used

RE: Not to sure about the snow.. - Bummer Knees - 12-05-2011

Jayne PLEASE keep the winter weather in Oklahoma, we do not need it here!

I have my class final in the morning in a town 45 minutes away from my home and I do not need to drive in snow or on ice.

I did get a sample of how Okies drive in winter weather back in 07 in Tulas when the driver in front of us lost control of their truck and slamed into the passanger door where I was sitting.

RE: Not to sure about the snow.. - admin - 12-05-2011

I feel a draft - no wait - the AC just kicked on....... Smile

RE: Not to sure about the snow.. - jayne - 12-05-2011

Admin careful or you might just get another Democrat prez....

RE: Not to sure about the snow.. - Bummer Knees - 12-05-2011

Admin don't be suprised if you have a group of frozen injured workers show up at your door.

RE: Not to sure about the snow.. - Cervical_Fusion - 12-05-2011

Jayne we have not had any of it in OHIO yet. Please keep it out to the west of us. I am ready to move south where it is warmer. Had my wifes brother here over the week end. Him and I put down a new floor in one of the bath rooms. But I have a lot of unfinished projects to complete, before I can put the house up for sale. SO which one will come first saleing the house of WC settlement. I do not know, but which ever happens first, I will be headingsouth hopefully. Jayne just keep your snow over there I do not want to drink more coffee or take more oxie for it...

RE: Not to sure about the snow.. - AQA - 12-06-2011

Admin, that is wrong on so many levels.

Even I am feeling the pain of others. No snow here, but tomorrows high is 45 and the low is 30 with winds gusting at 25 to 30 miles per hour. This is the first time I am glad I have handicap plates on the truck. I have a final exam tomorrow night. I feel for the students that have to park in the back fourty.

RE: Not to sure about the snow.. - jayne - 12-06-2011

it melted off yesterday warmed up a bit and came back a bit this morning...just enough to make the roads icy and the tow trucks money and my back and neck hurt like hell.....come on rice packs