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find doctor - poppy2010 - 11-19-2011

I got hurt in ny in 1979 left my case open since i could never return to work. Moved to ga in 1996 and found doctor and I just lost him and can't find another live near jacksonville fl need internist please help

RE: find doctor - 1171 - 11-19-2011

you can try contacting the county medical society.

RE: find doctor - LeglEgl - 11-19-2011

The Duvall County, FL website won't do you any good.

Since you're in Southern Georgia, you'll need a Georgia physician who will accept the WC claim out of New York.

You might try Express Doctor Services - they have a nationwide network of Dr.'s who will accept WC claims from other States:

RE: find doctor - 1171 - 11-20-2011

I think you missed this part of the post: near jacksonville fl...

RE: find doctor - LeglEgl - 11-20-2011

(11-20-2011, 11:54 AM)1171 Wrote: I think you missed this part of the post: near jacksonville fl...

No, I didn't miss that. What I did read however is that this is a GEORGIA claim, now, since the OP resides in Georgia.

Quote:Moved to ga in 1996

Then again, they may have moved to Florida since 1996, but they weren't clear on that. I tend not to attempt reading between the lines. You can live in S. Georgia and say you live near Jacksonville, FL, which most people near the State line often do.