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Conference on Bullying - Bummer Knees - 11-14-2011

I have posted in the past about my son Cody being a target of bullys this year at the middle school.

Cody has Autism, for some cruel individuals they feel they must make fun of an individual who is a little different.

This past weekend I attended a state-wide conference on bullying. The Keynote speaker was awesome, a lady who has been on Good Mornign America. There were students in the audience experiencing bullying at school. Part of the session the speaker spoke to the students on ways to handle bullying.

I also attended sessions on Scoial Skill and Anxiety. A well know peditrician spoke as the lunchtime keynote speaker about specific disabilities and healthcare.

I was able to take home a lot of resources, if anyone is wanting information on thease subjects I will be happy to share.

RE: Conference on Bullying - bodybuilder1958 - 11-14-2011

I've attended 2 lectures on bullying and by far the best was done by Boy Scouts of America. We were divided into groups early in the morning (it was an all day training session), one group was the bullies the other the victims. For 5 hours the victims were harrassed by the bullies on and off and it was allowed. Then for the last lecture all of us were together in one room and were allowed to talk about how we felt, first about doing the pranks (the bullies were coached ahead of time) and then the victims. It was a real eye opener but it was the final comment made by the lecturer that has stayed with me over 20 yrs now. "Bullying will continue as long as people turn a blind eye."

What I have found over the yrs is that more professionals tolerate bullying than other individuals. In schools too many teachers, paras, principals allow a certain amount of bullying to happen. Sad to say that's what happened with your son and with mine.

RE: Conference on Bullying - halftrak - 11-15-2011

bummer, if you can send me some info on that, i would appreciate it, thanks jenn

RE: Conference on Bullying - Bummer Knees - 11-15-2011

Will do

RE: Conference on Bullying - Cervical_Fusion - 11-17-2011

Wife and I went to New York the other day. Took a bus which drove all night, we spent the day in New York and caught the bus for a return trip home at 11 pm and again rode all night to get home. Well slept all the way home. While we were there we went to a tapeing of the Anderson show. They taped an entire day show, then they did a segment of tapeing for a show they had not finished from another day. This segment was about a school teacher bullying her kids at a school in Ohio. Her kids had disabilities and she was bullying those kids and the parents are trying to get her fired and terminated from teaching. It was real interesting to sit in the audience and listed to all of it. The entire show tapeing they did that day we seen was on teenage girls wanting and getting plastic surgrey done. Getting fake boobs and nose jobs. Again interesting to listen to. Do not know when the shows will air, but I will watch the schedules and when I find out when thn will air I will post on here. Wife and I had a great time in New York City that day, but with my back and leg issues by 2pm I should of been in a wheel chair, but I could not ask my wife to push me around NY would of been too much on here. Would love to go back and stay a week or so. We did get to see the world trade center memorial. and lots of exciting things. But too much on my feet, my ankle joints are all swollen and I can hardly walk today. We got back yesterday morning, and all I have done is sleep. Again I will watch and post when those shows will air.

RE: Conference on Bullying - jayne - 11-17-2011

its a pride thing C_F. I have it also if I can rent a scooter where ever we go I will do that,but I wont be pushed in a wheelchair.I would rather stay home or suffer the day after.

RE: Conference on Bullying - Cervical_Fusion - 11-17-2011

(11-17-2011, 03:31 PM)jayne Wrote: its a pride thing C_F. I have it also if I can rent a scooter where ever we go I will do that,but I wont be pushed in a wheelchair.I would rather stay home or suffer the day after.

Jayne I definately sufferd through it. and still today my ankles are swollen, can hardly walk, but I think I will get over it in a week or 10 days. worth it as today is my wifes birthday and we did this as a bday gift for her along with another couple. got to see the world trade center memorial. and all NY City has to offer.

RE: Conference on Bullying - Bummer Knees - 11-17-2011

I rent a scooter if there is much walking involved and a rental place is located where I am visiting.

We visited the St Louis Arch this summer and just the walking from the truck parked in the parking garage close the the arch and into the museum sent me to bed the next day, (we did not take they steps some take to get to the arch, it was all flat walking)

I look at it as being in my familys best interest if I rent a scooter, no fun for the kids sitting in the motel room while Mom is recovering.