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Daughter's health problems - Bummer Knees - 10-11-2011

MY daughter is a student at K-State University in the pre-vet program.
She is doing well at school and I am very proud of her.

She was been having some health problems lately, chest pains, pains down the arm. This has been going on for about 3 week, she hid it from me for 2 of those weeks.

Sunday she was in enough pain her roommate took her to the ER, an EKG was done and blood test, both cme back normal. She was given soemthing for anxiety and pain while at the hospital.

This afternoon she went to the University Clinc, the doctor who examined her told her to go to the hospital/ER but she refused to go. She has an appointment sheduled with a doctor at the UrgentCare Clinc in Manhattan Friday. She was told if things get worse she will need to go to the hospital between now & Friday.

My daughter has a history of heart problems, Mitral valve prolaspe.

RE: Daughter's health problems - Bummer Knees - 10-11-2011

I wanted to post an update to this thread:

I have spent days looking for a doctor in the college town where my daughter lives and finaly found one, YEA!!!

She has an early morning appointment in the morning with a specialist in internal medicne.

RE: Daughter's health problems - jayne - 10-12-2011

Kathy,My Becca cannot stay at collage for long she can sometimes manage a year then she has to come home and recharge for a semester her grades are good but she has anxiety attacks that are took her a long time to get her degree but she did it and your daughter will also...

RE: Daughter's health problems - Bummer Knees - 10-12-2011

She saw the doctor today, internal medicine.

His opinion is she has an infection of the ligaments of the chest.

She is being sent to a heart specialist. They tried to get her in to one today but a semi wrecked and took out the lines at the medical center where the cardio is located so it will likely be tomorrow when she sees the cardio.