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Weekend Heat - chrischris - 08-12-2011

We are getting out of the heat for a few days and heading up to the giant sequoias. Staying in a log cabin our friends built about 30 years ago. A few days out of this heat will be like going to heaven. Tongue

What are your plans this weekend?

RE: Weekend Heat - jayne - 08-12-2011

we are packing up the camper this weekend and monday heading up to Bartlesville Okla to spend a few days.....gonna enjoy it

RE: Weekend Heat - UndercovrAngel - 08-12-2011

No big plans for this weekend.. as I have to drive to Keller, TX on Monday.. about 110 miles one way to see my new pain management Dr. On top of that, Randy goes back to work on Monday, so we have to make sure that everything is ready for him to do so.

Angel ^j^

RE: Weekend Heat - sweet tooth - 08-12-2011

my big question this weekend ? do i get dressed or stay in my night gown till church time sunday morning hope everyone has a good time here its too hot to step out the door

RE: Weekend Heat - bronco54501 - 08-13-2011

No big plans for us either, other than chilling with Dominick.. My birthday is next week and we might take a trip up to the great lakes, porky pine mountains. Basicaly a drive.......