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Spinal Cord Stimulator - Cervical_Fusion - 08-11-2011

The wife did laundry the laundry she washed my stimulator remote....well it no longer works.....i called Medtronics today...they are sending me one overnight...I am to return the one that does not work...they said they would call me if it is not repairable....i never told them what happend to it......the only reason they said it would not work was bad batteries or it got i am sure i will get a call that it was wet and that is why it is not working....I wonder how much this will cost....anyone have anthing like this you think WC will pay for a new one or am i on my own with it....

RE: Spinal Cord Stimulator - jayne - 08-11-2011

C_F Bill ruined his cell phone sweating one day while working in the garden...verizon wouldnt replace it...but sweating can do it..

RE: Spinal Cord Stimulator - freebird - 08-11-2011

I have had 2 Ten's units replaced by WC without any questions. Never cost me a penny.

RE: Spinal Cord Stimulator - Manley2 - 08-11-2011

For my wifes SCS she has had her remote replaced and her charger both her fault and they have never charged us.

RE: Spinal Cord Stimulator - L.D.T - 08-11-2011

I was told when i had my implant if it got lost are anything it cost round about $1,00.00 dollars are more and thats was was by a represenitve from boston scientific.

RE: Spinal Cord Stimulator - chrischris - 08-12-2011

I had to ha e remote and antenna replaced because it malfunctioned. I couldn't turn the implant off or adjust the settings. Medtronics met me at my PM's office the day I called them. They verified a malfunction and gave me a new unit. Rep said in 10 years he's never had a malfunction but that particular month he had two. I'm glad they have an office close by.

RE: Spinal Cord Stimulator - Manley2 - 08-12-2011

On my wifes it was the antenna connection and they said this happens all the time. You could use the remote to control the unit just not with the external antenna. The charger they sent her was not new so maybe that is why they didn't charge her. If mine would need replaced I would think they would bill WC

With that does anybody know how long the charger is suppose to work? They say the device will last 9 years before needing replaced but I don't think the charge will make it that long

RE: Spinal Cord Stimulator - Cervical_Fusion - 08-12-2011

Fed Ex delivered a new remote to me today, a brand new one..I have to send the other one back. Will wait untill monday to return the other one...their is an invoice in the box with it but it shows a zero balance owed for it....sure I will get a phone call and a $ amount for repairs next week, But I can now use my stimulator again. Wife feels bad for putting it through the laundry..

RE: Spinal Cord Stimulator - Manley2 - 08-12-2011

That is one very good thing about my wife and I both having SCS. We have two remotes and two chargers so we still have one if one breaks

RE: Spinal Cord Stimulator - bronco54501 - 08-13-2011

(08-12-2011, 10:05 PM)Manley2 Wrote: That is one very good thing about my wife and I both having SCS. We have two remotes and two chargers so we still have one if one breaks

Intresting, so can she adjust yours with her remote...??

I could see my wife cranking it up if she was mad at