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In Alabama what's next? - beckyandac - 07-13-2011

My hubby herniated a lumbar disc on 4/14/10, had decompression, fusion and hardware on 6/15/10. Did not do well at all, had decompression at l2-l3, l3-l4, redecompression at l4-l5 and removal of hardware on 3/9/11. He just finished up 4 weeks of PT and has begun 4 weeks of Work Hardening PT. The PT place he goes to says they will give him a FCE and rate him, give him a copy to take to his surgeon where he will decide (I assume) permanent restrictions and declare him MMI. From everything I have read the TTD checks stop then, do we go without any income until the matter is settled? Or do we receive a PD check until matter is settled? I spoke to his attorney's paralegal and she said weekly checks continue until it's settled. Hubby is 59 yrs old and I doubt he will ever be able to return to work. He had a physically demanding job. Advice please

RE: In Alabama what's next? - AQA - 08-03-2011

If your husband can not return to any kind of employment due to his injury. Now would be a good time to look into SSDI.

RE: In Alabama what's next? - jayne - 08-03-2011

I agree it should have already been done...your lawyer doesnt like it but it should have already been done