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Social Security at risk! - Bummer Knees - 07-12-2011

I am one receiving SSDI, just wondering what the injured workers of this forum think of this, will it happen?;_ylt=AoTPT4hCeCy8wNdH0i.BpWubCMZ_;_ylu=X3oDMTFmZzhrZjNmBHBrZwNpZC0zMDI4OTYEcG9zAzMEc2VjA0hDTU9MIG9uIEFydGljbGUEdmVyAzE0;_ylg=X3oDMTM2ZTlmdG5iBGludGwDdXMEbGFuZwNlbi11cwRwc3RhaWQDOGRjOGYyYWItZmQ4Yy0zYjljLWE1NDEtYjBiNWI4YzAxYmEyBHBzdGNhdANvcmlnaW5hbHN8dGhldGlja2V0BHB0A3N0b3J5cGFnZQ--;_ylv=3

RE: Social Security at risk! - admin - 07-12-2011

It is not true, and an outrageous attempt to scare people. Politics at it's worst. This whole "default" thing is not even being properly portrayed. If the nation does not increase it's debt limit, and goes into "default", it means the government can't borrow any more money. However, we will still be taking in a couple trillion a year in revenue, and that is plenty (for the short term) to service the CURRENT debt and pay entitlements. Some of the governments discretionary spending will have to be curtailed, but we will not actually be defaulting on our debts.

The entitlement programs, while they have their own problems looming in the near future, are largely funded by current payroll tax contributions, and will not be affected by this.

Absolute shame on the heartless one with no designated father that floated this in a ridiculously sad attempt to prop up his own failing policies. I have never been so outraged by such a sleazy attempt to scare people in order to force their own agenda.

RE: Social Security at risk! - admin - 07-12-2011

Damn! I got caught by my own bad word filter! It subbed "one with no designated father" for the word I actually wrote! Smile

RE: Social Security at risk! - Bummer Knees - 07-12-2011

I questioned if it was an attempt to scare the public, that is why I questioned this.

I admit if my disability check were to stop it will hurt.......

RE: Social Security at risk! - Cervical_Fusion - 07-12-2011

Jut another big government scare, attempt to force there own agendas.

RE: Social Security at risk! - 1171 - 07-12-2011

of course, nothing in life is guaranteed.
but I agree with admin; j
just trying to scare the most vulnerable and those who have little in the way of financial security.

RE: Social Security at risk! - jayne - 07-12-2011

I wondered why the welfare checks were never threatened or foodstamps.....always it is SS checks....I do hope Mr Obama is a one hit wonder

RE: Social Security at risk! - Wink - 07-12-2011

I watched this on FoxNews: What bothered me was House Speaker John Boehner's answers to Bret's last two questions. See the end of the video. I mean such BS really bothers me to no end. I think the Republicans ought to STOP pussyfooting around and say what they really think! Yeah, I know that the Republicans are sooo concerned with their public "image" - but that ain't working is it?!

RE: Social Security at risk! - AQA - 07-13-2011

Admin, you have to admit it is a little funny that your own system got ya. LOL. I think it would be more humorous if is was not on such an inportant thread.

Jayne, If SS was to stop. The other program you mentioned would be right behind it.

BK, I heard the report on the news. My first thought was that the comment came from the guy who thinks/ thought we have more than 50 states. My second thought was that, if it happened. It would be political suiside.

With the exception of the last election ( I will not get into why that one was different ). Traditionaly the majority of voters are mid age and above. They are the ones that are thinking about tomorrow and thier future. The older generation is really involved in the government. They have the time to really sit down and sort out the bs, and let thier voices be heard ( the election ). If the older generation lost thier benifits (SS). Thier would be a serious uprise and alot of changes in the government. What little respect I had for the president was lost tonight.

The comment was nothing more than a political scare tatic. In my mind, he made it, so people would start looking at getting the party he wants in the majority in the house and senate. I would say that he should have made the statement when they were having their meeting, but that would not scare anyone thier.

The issue of tax increases and the SSA comes up every time there is talk about the government budget and the debt ceiling.

Me personally, I will sleep well tonight (sleeping aids) and tomorrow night after there is more talk on the news about what he said. I just don't see it happening.

Wink, I watched the video and have to agree. There has to be a time when the politics end and business begins.

RE: Social Security at risk! - bodybuilder1958 - 07-13-2011

Social Security in any form will not be affected if we default on our loans as a country. This a ploy that the dems do all the time trying to scare people. My grandmother thought for the last 12 yrs of her life that the republican party was evil, that all they wanted to do was take away her social security.

Who shouldn't be paid here is every single member of congress. Sad, Obama while still a U.S. Senator voted against raising the debt limit stating that he didn't want to burden his children with payin off such a large debt.

Cut taxes, cut services, speak the truth in politics, stop trying to scare people, it's stupid.