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summer weather - Bummer Knees - 07-10-2011

Kansas is seeing very hot weather this year, today's high was 111 degrees. This was a record breaker for our state.

8 of the next 10 days will be over 100 according to the weather report.

Just thought I would share.

RE: summer weather - jayne - 07-10-2011

share hell keep it.... its really hot here also.....eggs are soft boiled before they are finished being laid

RE: summer weather - sweet tooth - 07-10-2011

bummer i dont think i want to share that burden with you lollol its not that hot here yet but it feels like it tho had a nice shower again jayne you would have liked the light show that came with the rain

RE: summer weather - jayne - 07-10-2011

yeppers most likely...hows your swamp fire?

RE: summer weather - sweet tooth - 07-11-2011

the evening showers are helping but it brings the lightning and that keeps it going and were still have smoky days depends on the wind flow lollol