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Inicial procedure after injury? - JCC - 06-26-2011

Hi, this might be an easy question for many people in this forum. While working last saturday(6/25) I injured myself with a sharp instrument while doing a procedure on a patient. Patient failed to disclosed(medical history was reviewed by 2 doctors and me) he was diagnosed with hepatitis C several years ago. After my injury I questioned patient for several minutes until he told me of his Hepatitis C diagnosis. Said He was treated for it and was currently under 6 month controls. My employeer has workman's comp but this seems to be the first time it happens in his office and I myself am not sure what the procedure or my rights are..any advise? Thx

RE: Inicial procedure after injury? - 1171 - 06-26-2011

the procedures vary by state but all start with informing your employer.
then you will need to get checked out medically.
you and your employer need to report the incident in writing so there is a record.
if something develops later the documentation should help in determining liability.

RE: Inicial procedure after injury? - Bummer Knees - 06-26-2011

Hep C dosen't show up right away along. My sister has it and it was years before she tested positive for Hep C.

She worked for a large aircraft plant with the chemicals in the department she worked in leading to the Hep C.
In fact 7 co-workers in her small department had Hep C and she had been exposed to it.