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Boss trying to get me to quit. - rovertdude - 06-16-2011

I live in the state of Oklahoma, 7 Weeks age I rolled my foot at work. I work in a State crisis center for drug abusers and the mentilly ill. We have clients who do become combative and that is how I recived my injury. While still on light duty they believed that I could come back to work in this environment, I did not refuse but I did show some concern that if in another struggle I could be re-injured or hurt further. I was told that if I was worried about that then I should think about quitting. After that I hired a attorney.

I got a detailed list of instructions from my doctor of do's and dont's which requited my job to place me in a area where I would not be at risk for further injury. I have no problem working I just want my foot fixed and I do not want it to be hurt again while its still healing.

Today I seen a specialist and they are going to do a MRI and they also put my ankle in a boot. Afterwords I reported to work and showed them the Dr's order and they then told me that they were going to change my hours. I was to work day shift for now on, they know that I do not have childcare in the mornings which is why before the injury I was moved to nights. I believe that the only reason they are doing this is to make me quit.

She stated that they do not change schedule's to fit our needs but they are currently doing that for two people and have done so many times in the past (including the time they did it for me) I believe that they just want to be rid of me. What should I do?

RE: Boss trying to get me to quit. - 1171 - 06-16-2011

you should talk to your atty about filing a discrimination action.

RE: Boss trying to get me to quit. - Manley2 - 06-21-2011

They may not be trying to make you quit as much as just want you to give in and give up your wc case. Changing your work day is just one thing they can do to make life harder for you. Speak with your lawyer but it can be hard to prove why they are doing it.