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Off on Workers Comp, Surgery Denied. - HonestLady - 06-13-2011

Hi all, first time poster.

I've been off work since February 17th this year for sharp pain in elbow forearm and hand. I've went through physical therapy that did not help. The doctors were waiting to schedule me for surgery. Just needing approval from the workers comp people. Well, I waited and waited. Eventually I took it upon myself and called them. They said the surgery had been denied because it wasnt work related and that they were going to issue their last check to me.

Now today Im gonna call my employer and see what the deal is and what my options are. I wanted to check here with you guys first so I don't go in unprepared.

Is this a common thing? I know I've had to fight and twist arms just to try to get some consistency on my checks.

From Frankfort Kentucky btw.

If anyone could give me some advice that would be great.

RE: Off on Workers Comp, Surgery Denied. - 1171 - 06-13-2011

you can appeal the denial to the work comp board.
more information about your rights and how the comp system works in Kentucky is here

RE: Off on Workers Comp, Surgery Denied. - jayne - 06-14-2011

now might be the time to get a lawyer involved

RE: Off on Workers Comp, Surgery Denied. - gba2011 - 10-03-2011

Let me guess, your elbow problems are due to arthritis and it is not a work related injury. It doesn't matter which state you are in, the insurers operate the same way.

I don't know about KY WC laws, but generally, your checks can't be stopped without proper written notification. Stop talking altogether to your Adjuster and start talking to an attorney!

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