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Letting the Judge decide - Bird - 06-11-2011

Injury occured in Illinois. Had a multi cervical fusion back in 09. My attorney has requested settlement talks but the Ins co has not responded. So we are going in front of the Judge to decide the PPD percentage. How long does the Ins Co have before they have to pay if the Judge see's it my way? Thanks .

RE: Letting the Judge decide - 1171 - 06-11-2011

30 days to pay or appeal.

my guess is they finally contact you and then try to postpone/cancel/reschedule the hearing as "negotiations are underway."
avoid allowing the hearing date to change as it's the only leverage that you have to keep them dealing.
only let them out of the date after papers are submitted to court.
see if you can get a partial payment for signing it. (that also incentivizes them to follow thru!)

RE: Letting the Judge decide - Sithie - 06-12-2011

What about mediation? Sure helped with mine