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upper extremity vs whole body - ElbowsInTenn - 06-11-2011

Hi! I'm in tennessee with bilateral epicondylitis - that is to say, I have lateral and medial injuries in BOTH elbows. I am 3 years into WC case - have had surgery on all four points and received an impairment on all four points. The impairment was an upper extremity impairment - I expected it to be impaired as body as a whole. Does anyone have insight into why my injuries would be rated this way?

RE: upper extremity vs whole body - jayne - 06-11-2011

sry I dont....its the week end so it may be mon or tues before you get an answer be patient

RE: upper extremity vs whole body - 1171 - 06-11-2011

it depends on what was used to as the physicians guide.
if your doctor used the AMA guide then there are instructions within the guide as to what situations to use which calculation.
I would discuss it with your doctor as they can reference the guideline to clarify.
you could also contact the work comp division who may also have a copy of the AMA guides and can give you the reference instruction.

RE: upper extremity vs whole body - Sithie - 06-12-2011

what 1171 said, I fought like hell to get my whole body rating.