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Injured in Illinois - Bird - 05-23-2011

Not sure what to expect? Injured in 2009 and had a 2 level fusion in my neck. Released at mmi and my attorney has requested a settlement. Ins co has not responded so he has me going in front of a judge to decide what percentage of ppd should be paid. Has anyone had this happen? Not sure why Ins co won't try to settle. Do they just drag their feet as long as possible to avoid paying. Any info would be helpful.

RE: Injured in Illinois - 1171 - 05-23-2011

not much to offer.
each case is different. your impairment and settlement value depends on many different circumstances unique to each individual: your recovery, your medical needs, you wage loss, your work restrictions, how similar cases were valued, etc.

RE: Injured in Illinois - Manley2 - 05-23-2011

Welcome to the forum. Yes they drag their feet to keep all the money they can for as long as they can. Trouble is there is not much done to them for any delay. One thing to remember in WC is nothing happens fast when it comes to getting you money or treatment.